App and Web Developer

Michael Burdett

Welcome to my ltitle corner of the Internet! When I'm not tinkering with $currentlyTrendingWebTechnology you will find me burning through my ever growing Steam Library or locked in a battle of wits against my toddler children.

Jack of all trades, master of... quite a few!


The current language/frameworks to pique my interest are Angular and React but the digital landscape is forever transforming.

System Admin

From Active Directory to Zendesk, I've setup and supported IT infrastructure of all sizes - and Operating Systems!

Hardware Wizard

Ok, so it's not an 'official' job title *yet* but I've had to wear many hats in the last 10+ years, not all of them software related!

What I make

Amazing Websites

Creating responsive websites using the right tool for the job; whether it's a CMS like WordPress, Drupal or Kentico or something bespoke.

Awesome Apps

Building cross-platform apps that work (and look/feel) the same on every device; my go-to setup is with Cordova but I've dabbled in native when neccessary!

Great Games

Using gamification to drive a deeper engagement with your message or campaign. HTML5 games usually built with PhaserJS or Construct3.

Digital Campaigns

On-boarding apps, Micro-sites, HTML Emails (that actually appear how they should!) - all made to cut through the noise, create a sense of purpose and deliver business impact.

Cyber Security

Successful security begins in the design stage, well before you first open your IDE. As a pen-testing hobbyist - I'm very aware of current trends and exploits.

Dev Methodologies

I've been Agile, done my fair share of Sprinting and often find myself in a DevOps position - currently in love with CI/CD tools from TeamCity.


How I can help you

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View my work

Most of my work is protected by Non Disclosure Agreements due to the work being internal by nature. Not all is lost however, You can view a selection of my work by clicking the button below - contact me directly for login details!

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