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Upgrading Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro OEM

This is mainly for my own reference but if anyone else gets stumped with this please feel free to use. I have been upgrading a large fleet of Lenovo Yoga 710’s (not too shabby as 2-1 laptops go!) from their bundled Windows 10 Home operating system to its Professional edition counterpart. Apparently Lenovo don’t sell that particular model with Windows 10 Professional. I have a full Active Directory/Group Policy setup with Windows Server that needs the Professional version binding.

I assumed that all I needed to do to upgrade was to go through the built-in Windows Upgrade tool, putting in the newly purchased Professional key. Wrong!

After bracing myself I digging into the Windows support forums. Rather surprisingly, I actually found a helpful post from “Charles“. Charles explained that you need to use a ‘evaluation’ Windows 10 Professional key first. This would change your operating system from Home to Professional. He even provided the key!


Charles, my friend, you are awesome.

Entering this key will cause your Windows 10 Home to download the relevant files for the Professional upgrade. This gives you a certain time to ‘evaluate’ the Operating System – it will not activate. Once you are using your evaluation key it’s a simple step to change to the purchased Win 10 Professional one.

This process may be streamlined in the future and make this post redundant. 🙂

Michael Burdett
Web & App Developer